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Motorcycles currently used in speedway are special structures, intended only for racing. They do not have a gearbox, brakes and no lighting, structurally are designed for driving on the left (although the steering wheel turns in both directions) and to ride on bends in a controlled glide. In classic speedway engines have a capacity of up to 500 cm3. The only motorcycle manufacturer is Java in the Czech Divišov, there are also used so called "flatboats" with the Italian Giuseppe Marzotto engines and Czech or English frame – Java, Stucha and Antiga and PJ. Before the new engine will be used in the race, usually it has tuning which performs only a small group of specialists, and the quality of their services is an important factor necessary to achieve success.

Motorcycles to ride speedway must also meet the criteria set out in the regulations speedway, e. g.:
must have an exhaust system complying with the provisions of the FIM (World Motorcycling Federation), with a limit of volume, the original, without any changes and improvements in all competitions can be used rear tires of any brand and any type having a valid FIM approved for the year; the heating is not allowed nor any other modification, it is not allowed to repair the steering wheel of light alloys by welding, is allowed to use titanium and its alloys in engine and chassis motorcycle competitions, do not use other motorcycles than given in the declaration provided by a competition organizer, the weight of the motorcycle is not less than 77 kg and in most events motorcycle must be equipped with a deflector, acting as fender

The motorcycle, which does not meet the above requirements, or the design or condition of, threaten the safety of riders is not allowed to start the competition by a referee. 




SBP 2018 Final Round: Landshut (10.05)
Speedway Best Pairs - Rzeszów (20.04)
Speedway Best Pairs - Toruń (25.03)
Lets Make Speedway Gala 2018
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Torun Rzeszów Landshut

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Auto Frelik Marma Millenium Hall


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