Monster Energy Speedway Team best in Gniezno. Fogo Power wins the whole tournament

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 Monster Energy Speedway Team won in third round of Speedway Best Pairs in Gniezno. This victory gave their riders a third place in general classification. First place was taken by Fogo Power riders, classified on second place in Gniezno.

 A lot of fans visited Speedway Best Pais fanzone 2 hours before tournament. Autographs and photos made with Bartosz Zmarzlik, Antonio Lindbaeck and Tai Woffinden were beautiful souvenirs for supporters in Gniezno.

Fogo Power team, right now on the lead in general clasification, won the first race of the night. Despite having a bad start, Bartosz Zmarzlik still tried to overtook his rivals. Finally, he did it on the second turn. In first series, Monster Energy duo was very fast too. Chris Holder and Tai Woffinden, debutants in Speedway Best Pairs, rode faster than opponents from the very first corner.

In fourth race, pressure was too hard for Antonio Lindbaeck. Leon Madsen made some moves on the start, too, but only Swede was accused of touching the tape and had been excluded. In replay Artiom Laguta turned out to be the best and scored 3 points. In heat 5, two teams, which lead the tournament clasification were forced to fight between themselves. After a pretty good start, Monster Energy Team tried to block their rivals, but Chris Holder couldn't beat Przemysław Pawlicki and Bartosz Zmarzlik.

In heat 8, Antonio Lindbaeck, who didn't score a single point, had been replaced by Krzysztof Kasprzak. Despite that, Nice Racing didn't win the race. Furthermore, Kasprzak and Laguta didn't find any way to overtook slow Chris Holder. In heat 10 which included Boll Team and Trans MF Pro Race, riders switched their positions many times. Finally, Boll won 4:2.

Fourth series was right for Monster Energy Team again. This time they won a battle against Eko-Dir Speedway Team 4:2. Heat 14 was insteresting for fans - two German teams took par in it. This time, MF Pro Race Team was better and they won 4:2,. Still, Leon Madsen's ride was the most important - he passed Kai Huckenbeck.

In last few races, riders who hadn't any chance to score any point - Tobias Kroner and Gleb Chugunov, made their debut in 2017 cycle. Unfortunately both of them finished their races on last position. Furthermore, Kroner, who's ending his career after 2017 season, had a lot of problems with his bike. In heat 16 Bartosz Zmarzlik had a bad luck. He was on the lead, when his bike suddenly broke and that caused his fall.

Finals were accomplished easily by Monster Energy Speedway Team after a great fight with Boll Team in heat 20. Kacper Woryna was stubborn in his rivalry with Chris Holder, and that resulted in lessening the size of defeat to 2:4. In the play-off there was fight ensuing between Fogo Power and Nice Racing. Fogo was already claiming victory after basic part. On the other hand, Boll Team ended it's starts after the basic part, securing second place in general classification. Monster Energy Speedway Team and Nice Racing were the ones battling for third place. In order to stand on the podium, Nice had to beat Fogo Power in the play-offs. However, that was not the case and Krużyński's pupils were beaten not once, but twice.

Fans could feel the heat in the final ride. First three laps belonged to Fogo Power, yet bravery and determination of Tai Woffinden and Chris Holder allowed Monster Team to take the lowest stand on the podium in the Speedway Best Pairs cycle.

- I am very happy to be able to start today in Gniezno. I feel a lot of respect to Gregor, Pawel and Chris, who made a good job. I'm here today to drink champagne - said Tai Woffinden.

Mirosław Jabloński, who debuted in SBP in front of his own audience, was very pleased with the Boll Team's result, too:

- It's a wonderful feeling to start in a cycle like this. Along with Kacper and Gleb, we managed to make a great atmosphere which allowed us to carry our plans out - said Boll Team's rider.

This year's SBP cycle ended with second-in-a-row Fogo Power's victory. Second place was taken by Boll Team, while Monster Energy Speedway Team ended up third after a fantastic finale.

1. Monster Energy Speedway Team 29
5. Chris Holder 10 (3,0,2,1,2,1,1)
6. Tai Woffinden 19 (2,3,3,3,3,3,2)

2. Fogo Power 27
3. Bartosz Zmarzlik 12 (2,2,3,2,ex,3,0)
4. Przemysław Pawlicki 15 (3,1,2,1,3,2,3)
16. Adam Skórnicki NS

3. Nice Racing 18
1. Artem Laguta 11 (1,3,1,3,1,2)
2. Antonio Lindbaeck 6 (0,t,-,-,3,3)
15. Krzysztof Kasprzak 1 (0,1)

4. Boll Team 18
9. Mirosław Jabłoński 6 (2,1,3,0,-,0)
10. Kacper Woryna 12 (1,3,1,3,2,2)
19. Gleb Chugunov 0 (0)

5. EKO-DIR Speedway Team 17
11. Tomasz Jędrzejak 3 (0,1,0,0,1,1)
12. Andzejs Lebedevs 14 (3,2,2,2,2,3)

6. Trans MF Pro Race Team 14
13. Martin Smolinski 3 (1,0,0,1,1,ef)
14. Leon Madsen 11 (2,3,2,3,0,1)

7. City Team 9
7. Kai Huckenbeck 9 (1,2,1,2,1,2)
8. Erik Riss 0 (0,0,0,0,-,-)
18. Tobias Kroner 0 (ef,0)

1. (65,26) Przemysław Pawlicki, Bartosz Zmarzlik, Artem Laguta, Antonio Lindbaeck
2. (65,12) Chris Holder, Tai Woffinden, Kai Huckenbeck, Erik Riss
3. (65,40) Andzejs Lebedevs, Mirosław Jabłoński, Kacper Woryna, Tomasz Jędrzejak
4. (65,34) Artem Laguta, Leon Madsen, Martin Smolinski, Antonio Lindbaeck
5. (66,78) Tai Woffinden, Bartosz Zmarzlik, Przemysław Pawlicki, Chris Holder
6. (66,59) Kacper Woryna, Kai Huckenbeck, Mirosław Jabłoński, Erik Riss
7. (65,88) Leon Madsen, Andzejs Lebedevs, Tomasz Jędrzejak, Martin Smolinski
8. (66,23) Tai Woffinden, Chris Holder, Artem Laguta, Krzysztof Kasprzak
9. (66,23) Bartosz Zmarzlik, Przemysław Pawlicki, Kai Huckenbeck, Erik Riss
10. (66,92) Mirosław Jabłoński, Leon Madsen, Kacper Woryna, Martin Smolinski
11. (66,37) Artem Laguta, Andzejs Lebedevs, Krzysztof Kasprzak, Tomasz Jędrzejak
12. (66,44) Kacper Woryna, Bartosz Zmarzlik, Przemysław Pawlicki, Mirosław Jabłoński
13. (66,09) Tai Woffinden, Andzejs Lebedevs, Chris Holder, Tomasz Jędrzejak
14. (67,07) Leon Madsen, Kai Huckenbeck, Martin Smolinski, Erik Riss
15. (66,65)Antonio Lindbaeck, Kacper Woryna, Artem Laguta, Gleb Chugunov
16. (67,00) Przemysław Pawlicki, Andzejs Lebedevs, Tomasz Jędrzejak, Bartosz Zmarzlik (ex)
17. (66,50) Tai Woffinden, Chris Holder, Martin Smolinski, Leon Madsen
18. (66,09) Antonio Lindbaeck, Artem Laguta, Kai Huckenbeck, Tobias Kroner (ef)
19. (66,92) Bartosz Zmarzlik, Przemysław Pawlicki, Leon Madsen, Martin Smolinski (ef)
20. (66,57) Tai Woffinden, Kacper Woryna, Chris Holder, Mirosław Jabłoński
21. (66,79) Andzejs Lebedevs, Kai Huckenbeck, Tomasz Jędrzejak, Tobias Kroner

22. (66,79) Bartosz Zmarzlik, Przemysław Pawlicki, Antonio Lindbaeck, Artem Laguta

23. (67,62) Przemysław Pawlicki, Tai Woffinden, Chris Holder, Bartosz Zmarzlik

End of the Speedway Best Pairs series

Poland, Australia, Denmark and Fogo Power times three - these are the teams, which won the respective editions of Speedway Best Pairs series. After six seasons, path of one of the most interesting speedway projects is over.

Grzegorz Zengota: We cooled ourselves down

 After very good and efective ride in third Speedway Best Pairs round, which took place in Lanshut, team fnished second in cycle's general classifcation.

Madsen: You shouldn't listen to experts

To everyone's surprise, the Trans MF Pro Race Team took third place in the general classification of the Speedway Best Pairs 2018. A huge credit goes to to Leon Madsen, who was one of the best riders during this year's rivalry of the sponsor teams.

Jarosław Hampel: „Despite of our squad, everybody in the team did great work”

 Fogo Power riders were unstoppable this year. In Landshut they won third competition in Speedway Best Pairs cycle this year, which gave them third Speedway Best Pairs title in history. Also, the best rider this year was Jarosław Hampel, who scored the most points.

Fogo Power won in Landshut!

 Fogo Power was the best in last Speedway Best Pairs round in Landshut. Another places on podium were taken by Team and Trans MF Pro Race Team.

It’s time for Speedway Best Pairs grand final

 On Thursday in Landshut, Germany, Speedway Best Pairs grand final will take place. Fogo Power is the leader of general classifcaaon. Behind them, three teams are fighting for remaining two places on the podium.

SBP 2018 Final Round: Landshut (10.05)
Speedway Best Pairs - Rzeszów (20.04)
Speedway Best Pairs - Toruń (25.03)
Lets Make Speedway Gala 2018
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